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The all-in-one Galaxy S2 Hack Pack

I've been compiling information for UnBrickable mod on the various versions of the Galaxy S2 device. This generation is by-far the most decentralized "model" I've ever heard of. Some of the devices contain Exynos processors, some Qualcomm and others have OMAP.

We've conducted research on this generation of device in the following threads:
AT&T GS2 UART/bootloader hacking:
Epic 4G Touch information gathering:
Galaxy Nexus UnBrickable Mod development:

But you're here for the Galaxy S2 Hack Pack. This Hack Pack is designed to help out those looking for information on modifying and/or repairing their expensive devices. This package contains:

Reading Material
GT-i9100 official service manual - service manual which applies to most GS2 devices
Exynos 4120 public datasheet -datasheet explaining internal workings of the chip
Origenboard documentation -Exynos based development board
OMAP 4430 datasheets -datasheet explaining internal workings of the chip
FSA9280A datasheet -USB Switch chip which responds to resistors and routes communications around the phone
-(no information on qualcomm processors is available)-
model speciffic
AT&T SGS2 uart -UART output logs
i9100 IROM -memory dumps
i9100T bootrom -memory dumps
Epic 4G Touch pictures-pictures of internals
Galaxy Nexus specs -models of chips used in Galaxy Nexus
Android Binaries
bash - the best scriptable shell ever
i2cdetect -i2c address detector
i2cdump -i2c bus dumper
i2cget -i2c information grabber
i2cset -i2c information sender
tcpdump - monitors network traffic
viewmem - allows memory dumps
smdk-tools - a set of linux development tools designed for direct communciation with the Exynos processor.

Download The Galaxy S2 Hack Pack

Please note, none of the contained information is my own original work. This has been compiled over the last month of researching this device. All information in this Hack Pack is available on the Internet from various sources.

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